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Cable Tie Supplier and Exporter in Aurangabad

Whether they’re being used to manage tiny electrical connections or heavy-duty industrial wiring, you can rest assured that our solutions have undergone extensive testing for performance and durability to ensure the highest level of security. All of your cable management needs can be met by selecting from our extensive selection of cable ties.

Get Ny-Lock Cable Ties if you’re looking for the best cable ties in Aurangabad.

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NY-Lock Cable Ties in Aurangabad are used in a variety of Industries

Cable tie manufacturer


There are a wide variety of uses for NY Lock cable ties in the automobile industry.

Cable tie manufacturer


Our NY Cable Ties are the industry standard for organizing wind turbine parts because of their durability, heat resistance, resistance to fire, and resistance to the elements.

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NY Lock UV-resistant cable ties are used to fasten together the telecommunications conductors in the BTS and the antenna cables in the telecom towers.

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NY Lock UV cable ties and NY Lock weather cable ties are ideal for securing wires and PV cables in solar installations.

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Oil, Gas & Offshore

Oil, Gas, and Offshore NY Fire Resistant Cable Ties and NY Anti-Corrosive Cable Ties are the first choice for many oil, gas, and offshore projects to secure cables and components.

Cable tie manufacturer


NY Cable Ties are the best to guarantee the safety of electrical and electronic installations.

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Why Choose NY-Lock Cable Ties?

Reasons to Choose NY Lock Cable Ties For Your Industry

  1. In order to guarantee the highest level of customer satisfaction.
  2. We perform extensive testing and quality control on all NY Lock cable ties.
  3. We only produce the highest quality Ny-Lock cable ties at our state-of-the-art facility in Aurangabad.
  4. We always have a large quantity of cable ties on hand in Aurangabad because of our efficient inventory management system.
  5. In order to supply the best cable ties for a variety of uses, we stock a large variety of NY cable ties in a number of sizes, colors, and styles.
  6. Our customization option makes us the best Cable Tie Manufacturer in Aurangabad as we can serve and tailor cable ties to each individual customer’s needs.
  7. NY Cable ties are the best non-releasable, UV-resistant, colorful, nylon, and stainless-steel cable ties.

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