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We’re Supplier and top Cable tie exporter in India

Ny-Lock has been a leading Cable tie manufacturer in India since 2017. Our success comes through our know-how to deliver the best quality cable ties to our customers across the world. We have been constantly evolving to keep up with the ever-changing industry and bring new innovations to our clients every day.

We understand the importance of security and hence as a top cable tie exporter in India providing our customers with high-quality products becomes our responsibility, and so the QC check team at Ny-Lock makes sure that every single cable tie that we deliver is of the highest quality and failproof.

Cable tie manufacturer


Our Cable Tie Used in a Variety of Industries

Cable tie manufacturer


Ny Lock ‘s pack of cable ties can be used for a million things in the automotive field.

Cable tie manufacturer


Variety of cable tie options that are heat stabilized, fire retardant, weather resistant, and stainless steel.

Cable tie manufacturer


UV resistant cable ties are used to fix the conductors in the BTS and for Antenna cables in Telecom towers.

Cable tie manufacturer


Cable ties are used to secure wires and PV cables for outdoor weather conditions.

Cable tie manufacturer

Oil, Gas & Offshore

Stainless steel cable ties for fire hazardous and corrosive climatic conditions.

Cable tie manufacturer


Ny Lock provides a range of cable ties for securing cables and wires.

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Why Choose Us

We are a leading Cable tie manufacturer in India

  • With technical and manufacturing excellence we have established ourselves as a top cable tie manufacturer and Cable tie exporter in India. We export cable tie in Oman, Abu Dhabi, & Dubai.
  • We place great importance on customer satisfaction through product quality,  Our quality control measures ensure that our cable ties stay durable and stay secure.
  • We are among the best cable tie suppliers in India since our logistic support service ensures on-time delivery of the best Ny-Lock Cable Ties.
  • We maintain a sizable supply of cable ties on hand to meet the demands of each and every one of our clients.
  • We provide a wide selection of product alternatives in terms of size, color, and design in order to better serve our consumers.
  • We can accommodate the preferences of each consumer thanks to optional personalization elements.
  • Your quest is over if you’re looking for the best non-releasable, UV-resistant, colored, nylon, and stainless-steel cable ties in India.
  • Every one of our goods comes with a satisfaction guarantee. We provide a variety of delivery options in order to better serve our customers.


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