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Stainless steel cable ties – how to use them and how to tighten them

Our newest guide to stainless steel cable ties is a must-have for anyone looking to use and secure these ties safely. We'll dive into how…
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UV stabilised cable ties for outdoor use: an in-depth guide

Are all black cable ties UV stabilised? What is a UV resistant cable tie? We explain the difference between UV resistant and UV stabilised and…
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The Benefits Of Employing Zip Ties In Law Enforcement And Security Operations

When you think of zip ties, you might think of something used to secure cables together or perhaps something used in gardening. But did you…
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Using Cable Ties for Transport Industry

For those in the transport industry, organization and safe transportation of goods are essential - cable ties are an invaluable resource that can help keep…
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Zip Ties for Electrical and Test Equipment

When it comes to wiring electrical and test equipment, zip ties are an essential tool. Zip ties offer secure cable management solutions, from helping to…
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Top 10 Benefits of Releasable Cable ties

Cable ties are a simple yet powerful tool used to organize and secure wires, cables, and bundles. Releasable cable ties take this concept one step…
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