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Cable Tie Supplier and Exporter in Bhopal

Our cable tie solutions offer optimum security for cable management and electrical connection control to ensure the least chance of short circuits and resultant fire outbreaks.

Ranging from applications in industry and commerce, our cable ties find use in a wide domestic domain. Each set of NY-Lock Cable Ties undergoes a series of stringent tests to ensure peak performance and durability. Given this, for all your cable management requirements, avail yourself of our comprehensive range of NY lock cable ties for trusted and secure operation.

Get Ny-Lock Cable Ties if you’re looking for the best cable ties in Bhopal.

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NY-Lock Cable Ties are used in a variety of Industries

In these office spaces or industries, efficient cable management is essential because cables are needed to transfer data and electricity. NY Lock cable ties provide a fast way of helping with organizing different cables neatly. Our cable ties make it fast and easy to secure and label all types of cables.

If you are looking for top quality cable ties, opt for NY-Lock Cable Ties Manufacture in Bhopal.

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NY Lock Cable Ties are extensively used in the automobile industry in perfecting the order of wires and holding them in place in the management of the supply of electricity and fuel. Our cable ties have been resilient and tough against temperature, dust, and various environmental conditions.

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The Windmill power sector plays a big part in NY Lock clientele. It is because of our quality control and unmatched security that the wind power industry selects NY Lock UV resistant cable ties over our competitors. NY Lock Cable Ties are the best solution to ensure accident-free wind power generation.

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Diverse natural elements like rain, storms, flooding are exposed on the telecommunication towers. NY Lock corrosion-resistant cable ties are used here, to ensure safety to the hardware and cables with valuable telecommunication equipment installed in them.

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NY Lock UV-resistant cable ties and weather cable ties represent the most up-to-date solution for solar panel, wire, and PV cord binding in domestic and industrial applications. These cable ties are tailor-made to bear extreme weather conditions and heat, providing the most dependable solution when used with solar systems.

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Oil, Gas & Offshore

NY Lock Cable ties resist corrosion, do not deteriorate in harsh environments, and are non-combustible, making them highly suitable for offshore oil and gas projects the world over. NY lock stainless steel banding and cable ties find uses in as diversified applications as securing the critical high voltage cables in offshore drilling to.

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Everyone in the field of electronics, keep those cables from any damage with NY Lock cable ties. These are expertly recommended by persons in this field as a way to ward off electrical short circuits and fire breakouts. NY Lock cable ties are used to ensure maximum security and safety for electrical and computer installations, as well as for your personnel.

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Why Should You Choose NY LOCK Cable Ties

  • NY Lock has a full range of approved cable ties including detectable cable ties and nylon cable ties that come in varied sizes and different colors.
  • The cable tie is easily inserted and used due to its ergonomic design and flexible tail and provides a secure placement.
  • Made with high quality polyamide, NY Lock cable ties can withstand temperature range of -45°C to 85°C. This temperature range is suitable for basic workshop applications, which is the primary purpose of these products.
  • When securely fastened, our cable ties effectively secure and organize a group of cables, making it easier to group and categorize wires.
  • Color-coded cable ties assist identification in the workspace and make fast execution of cable, pipe, and hose labelling easy.
  • Metal cable ties are utilized in many industries that are identifiable with x-ray and metal detector equipment due to their consistent magnetic signature. Moreover, these are specifically designed to cater to specific requirements within any one industry – Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, and Food.

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