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Cable Tie Supplier and Exporter in Oman

Ny-Lock is a top Cable Tie Supplier and Exporter in Oman is a leading Cable Tie Manufacturer in India. The Durability and performance of Ny-Lock Cable Ties make them a popular choice for both commercial as well as domestic use. As one of the well-known suppliers of cable ties in Oman, Ny-Lock has gained a great deal of recognition in the industry. Due to our abundance of the necessary resources, we have been actively engaged in providing our products in a wide range in order to satisfy the needs of many industries.

As one of the top cable ties supplier in Oman, we employ the most up-to-date manufacturing techniques and graded raw materials. Our experts also pay attention to their standout qualities, such as toughness, dependability, and durability. To assure flawless performance for many years, these are professionally constructed in accordance with the standards set forth by the industry.

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NY-Lock Cable Ties in Oman are used in a variety of Industries

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Cable Ties plays a vital role in supporting automobile with its strength. Our cable ties have become indispensable for securing wires, cables, and other components.

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With their ability to withstand high temperatures, harsh weather conditions, and vibrations, NY-Cable ties offer a reliable solution for automotive manufacturers.

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Whether used on exterior or interior, NY-Cable Ties excel in keeping everything securely in place as their flexibility allows for easy installation and maintenance.

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Made from high-quality materials like nylon or stainless steel, these cable ties are designed to resist extreme weather conditions, corrosion, and UV rays.

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Oil, Gas & Offshore

Whether it’s securing pipelines, organizing cables, or maintaining safety protocols on rigs, our cable ties remain strong in harsh offshore environments.

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The self-locking mechanism, of NY-Lock Cable Ties can hold everything firmly in place for a neat wiring inside gadgets or appliances. Contact us now!

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Why Choose NY-Lock Cable Ties in Oman?

Reasons that make us a leading Cable tie exporter and supplier in Oman

  1. High-Quality cable ties of superior quality meeting international standards.
  2. Diverse Product Range of cable ties with various sizes, materials, colors, and designs.
  3. Competitive Pricing while maintaining product quality.
  4. Strong Distribution Network in Oman and beyond.
  5. Customization Options to meet specific customer requirements.
  6. Timely Delivery of orders. Reliable and on-time delivery for your productivity Excellent Customer Service.


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