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Top Supplier and Exporter in Secunderabad for Cable Tie

At Subham Polyplast, we don’t just manufacture normal cable ties – We have different sizes for small wires to heavy-duty bundles, different colours for organizing and heat resistance, and special cable ties like non-releasable ties or fire-resistant materials. Our product line consists of a wide variety of durable and reliable cable ties that are designed for a variety of industrial applications, commercial ventures or home organizing tasks. From standard nylon cable ties to speciality variants like stainless steel or non-releasable ties, our solutions are tailor-made to match the specific needs of different industry or consumer segments.

Get Ny-Lock Cable Ties if you’re looking for the best cable ties in Secunderabad.

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NY-Lock Cable Ties are used in a variety of Industries

Cable tie manufacturer


Keep vehicles running smoothly. NY-Lock cable ties endure the heat, grime, and vibrations of the automotive environment, securing critical wiring and components with confidence.

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NY-Lock cable ties are a perfect choice for wind turbine mounting. They can withstand harsh weather conditions such as UV rays, rain, snow, and wind, functioning as expected and reducing downtime.

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Ensure clear and uninterrupted communication with NY-Lock cable ties. Our strong and flexible ties keep base station and antenna cables secure, minimizing signal interference and keeping connections running smoothly.

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Harness the power of the sun with confidence. NY-Lock UV Stabilized Cable Ties offer superior UV resistance, protecting solar installation cables from sun damage and ensuring long-lasting performance.

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NY-Lock cord ties are designed to withstand the harshest offshore situations. They are non-combustible, and resistant to corrosion, such as oil and gas rigs and other offshore platforms

Cable tie manufacturer


NY-Lock cable ties are trusted by professionals around the world for excellent and safe electrical installations. The wires that we produce maintain the order and safety of electric network systems.

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Why Choose NY-Lock Cable Ties?

A NY-Lock cable tie isn’t just another choice – it’s a superior option for assuring that projects are reliable and well-organized in any kind of industry. Here’s why:

• NY-Lock clips stand up to extreme situations such as temperatures, factory dirt, engine vibration, and saltwater corrosion on marine platforms. They can endure extreme temperatures, harmful UV rays, and corrosive substances, which means they can guarantee durable performance in any application.

• We offer different sizes, strengths, and materials to cover the exact requirements of a project. It does not matter if it is a telecommunication network with complicated wiring or a wind farm with heavy-duty cables, NY-Lock has the right way to keep these systems orderly and protected.

• The NY-Lock ties are rigorously designed to stand the test of time. We created our UV-resistant materials for protection against sun damage, and with our weatherproof construction, their performance is unparalleled even in outdoor applications where other cable ties can quickly erode due to the elements’ exposure.

• NY-Lock ties take an approach that involves minimizing downtime and maintaining signal integrity which ensures smoothness and efficiency. With our solid, secure wiring methods, components are kept neat and confined thus preventing mishaps and system malfunctions. This preserves the safety of workers and guarantees the continued operational effectiveness of projects.

• We provide more than just the tie products – check out our full range of cable management solutions including cable labels, conduits, and other accessories. NY-Lock is a one-size-fits-all solution for wire management in any sector.

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