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At Ny-Lock, we understand our responsibility for the safety of our clients, and our cable ties are manufactured keeping safety protocols in mind. The strength of NY TIES cable ties comes from their dependability and ability to tolerate harsh situations. Our quality control processes and intensive testing have assured that our cable ties provide the highest level of security for regulating electrical connections, whether on a small scale or on a large one. We are confident that our extensive selection of NY Lock cable ties will serve you and your equipment with safety for a long time and make cable management really easy.

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Applications for NY Lock Cable Ties Cable ties

NY Lock is utilized in both the commercial and industrial sectors.

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Many major vehicle manufacturers rely extensively on NY Lock cable ties. Our cable ties are widely used in the automotive industry.

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Because of our durability, resilience to fire and heat, and adaptation to diverse environmental situations, we are the preferred brand of cable ties for windmill energy firms.

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Our cable ties link together telecommunications conductors in base transceiver stations (BTS) and telecom tower antenna cables to make them safe.

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With NY Locks UV protected cable ties and weather cable ties for solar systems, handling wires and PV cables for solar power installations is a breeze.

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Many offshore oil and gas facilities across the world utilize offshore NY Lock cable ties because they are fire and corrosion resistant.

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Professionals in the field use cable ties to ensure the most secure electrical and electronic installations.

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The Advantages of Using New York Lock Cable Ties in Your Business

  • To ensure complete customer satisfaction, NY Lock rigorously tests and inspects all of our cable ties. Our cutting-edge Chennai plant is solely dedicated to the manufacture of quality Ny-Lock cable ties.
  • With our advanced inventory management system, we maintain a steady supply of cable ties in Chennai.
  • We have a big assortment of NY cable ties in stock that will fulfill your needs, no matter what type of cable tie you require.
  • We are well-known in Chennai for our expertise in offering customized cable ties, and we are the leading manufacturer of such items.
  • Tailoring our items to each customer’s exact needs is the key to successfully satisfying their unique specifications.
  • NY Cable Ties is your one-stop store for securing obstinate cables. These cable ties are UV-resistant, so they will remain sturdy and long-lasting even when exposed to direct sunlight.
  • The high-quality materials used to make these cable ties (nylon and stainless steel) offer remarkable durability and dependability.
  • NY Cable Ties come in a variety of colors to help you color code all cables for easy identification.

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