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Printed cable ties and custom printed cable ties – everything you need to know

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Printed cable ties and custom printed cable ties – everything you need to know

In today’s business landscape, having identification, traceability, and audit trail systems is crucial. This guide will demonstrate how our comprehensive selection of printed cable ties can assist you in meeting your needs in these vital areas.

Printed cable ties everything you need to know

We provide a range of printed cable ties and customized printed cable ties at Ny Lock to assist a variety of industries in addressing identification, compliance, and traceability concerns.

Printed clinical waste bag cable ties

To maintain an audit trail of all clinical waste, printed clinical waste bag cable ties are essential. Our article titled “Printed clinical waste bag cable ties – a comprehensive guide” details how these ties are utilized to identify various types of clinical waste, including needles, human tissue, and pharmaceutical products. This identification enables the waste to be traced back to its origin, ensuring that proper disposal procedures are followed. These self-locking cable ties promote the correct segregation of different waste types and come in ten color choices and two lengths, providing an efficient and effective audit trail.

Printed utility cables ties – gas and water

Perfect for differentiating between gas, water, or electrical cables, our printed utility cable ties are printed along their length to ensure 360-degree visibility.

Phase marking cable ties

Used by electricians to identify different cables, our phase marking cables are printed with industry-approved notations – N, L, L1, L2, L3 – and are available in industry-recognized colors.

Printed nylon cable ties

Perfect for general identification purposes, our printed nylon cable ties can be custom printed to your requirements with text only, numerals only, or a combination of both, to allow for sequential numbering of items. This printing is available on our printed releasable cable ties, printed UV and heat stabilized cable ties, and our printed metal detectable cable ties.

Printed cable ties from NY-lock

We print all our cable ties using a hot foil method, as it produces a highly visible and indelible print that will not wear away through normal wear and tear.

If your business requires any kind of audit trail, or if you have products that would benefit from anti-tampering security measures and you are looking for a durable, long-lasting cable tie with clear, quality print, get in touch with our experienced sales team today. We can be contacted by telephone at +91 95868 40204 or by email at info@ny-lock.com

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