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6 innovative ways of using a cable tie in India

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6 innovative ways of using a cable tie in India

In India, a cable tie is not just a simple nylon strap used to secure cables. It has evolved into a versatile and indispensable tool with numerous innovative uses. Here are six ways to use a cable tie in India that you may not have thought of before!

Holding hubcaps (wheel caps) in place:

If you have ever lost a hubcap while driving on Indian roads, you know how frustrating it can be. With a cable tie, you can easily secure your hubcaps and prevent them from coming to off. Simply thread the cable tie through the spoke of the wheel and then around the hubcap. Tighten it to secure the hubcap in place.

Anti-bird net installations:

One common use for cable ties in India is to secure anti-bird netting. This is often used in agricultural settings to keep birds from eating crops. To install, simply tie the netting to a post or other support using cable ties.

Hanging banners and posters:

Cable ties can also be used to hang banners and posters. This is a common practice in India, especially during festivals and political campaigns.

Temporarily closing cabinets:

If you need to close a cabinet but don’t have a latch or lock, you can use a cable tie to keep it shut. This is a great way to prevent curious children from opening cabinets and getting into things they shouldn’t.

Tethering loose objects:

In India, it’s not uncommon for people to tether loose objects to their motorcycles or bicycles using cable ties. This is a great way to secure items like tools, umbrellas, and even shopping bags.

Securing luggage:

Cable ties can also be used to secure luggage. This is especially useful when traveling by train, where luggage is often stored in overhead racks. Simply thread the cable tie through the handles of your bag and then around the luggage rack. This will help prevent your bag from falling or being stolen.

Industrial usage of cable tie:

Cable ties are widely used in the industrial sector for a variety of purposes. They are often used to secure pipes, tubing, and wiring. They are also used to bundle wires and cables together. In addition, cable ties can be used to mark hazardous areas or designate safe routes through dangerous areas.

The uses of cable ties are practically endless. So next time you need to secure something, reach for a cable tie instead of a rope or string. You may be surprised at how handy they can be!

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