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How Do You Cut Through Thick Zip Ties?

As tools go, zip ties pack quite a punch in terms of usability. It's no surprise that many industries forces throughout the world employ them…
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What is the Best Way to Use Heavy-Duty Cable Ties?

Department stores secure visitor’s bags with them, they are present in server rooms across the world, and also on two-wheeler and four-wheeler and even in…
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Printed cable ties and custom printed cable ties – everything you need to know

In today's business landscape, having identification, traceability, and audit trail systems is crucial. This guide will demonstrate how our comprehensive selection of printed cable ties…
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Which cable ties should manufacturers use?

Cable ties are an essential component in various industries, including manufacturing. They are used for securing and organizing wires, cables, and other components. However, with…
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Stainless steel cable ties – how to use them and how to tighten them

Our newest guide to stainless steel cable ties is a must-have for anyone looking to use and secure these ties safely. We'll dive into how…
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UV stabilised cable ties for outdoor use: an in-depth guide

Are all black cable ties UV stabilised? What is a UV resistant cable tie? We explain the difference between UV resistant and UV stabilised and…
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