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UV stabilised cable ties for outdoor use: an in-depth guide

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UV stabilised cable ties for outdoor use

Are all black cable ties UV stabilised? What is a UV resistant cable tie? We explain the difference between UV resistant and UV stabilised and why they are ideal for outdoor use.

Can you use cable ties outside?

Just as we need protection against the sun UV rays, nylon 6.6 cable ties need to be shielded too. Over time, UV exposure will cause a breakdown in the strength of these cable ties until they become brittle and eventually fracture. Thus, just as we would apply sunscreen when venturing outside for extended periods of time, outdoor installations should also use specialised cable ties that can stand up against the elements.

What are UV resistant cable ties?

UV resistant cable ties are specially designed to not be affected by the ultraviolet rays of the sun, making them perfect for outdoor applications. These cable ties are made from a UV stabilized polyamide material, which offers superior strength and ultraviolet resistance. This makes them suitable for applications where the cable tie will be exposed to direct sunlight or harsh weather conditions. UV resistant cable ties are a great option for applications such as outdoor signage, landscape lighting, and outdoor electrical cable ties.

They are designed to withstand temperatures ranging from -40°C to +85°C, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. UV resistant cable ties also help to protect your cables from environmental damage, such as oxidation and corrosion. These cable ties are available in a variety of colors and sizes, making them ideal for a wide range of applications. UV resistant cable ties can provide you with durable, reliable solutions for your outdoor applications.

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What are UV stabilised cable ties?

By comparison, UV stabilised nylon cable ties have undergone a different process involving chemical compound additives, which enables the cable ties to withstand UV damage. Offering the highest level of UV protection, our UV and heat stabilised cable ties are the perfect solution to prolonged, direct exposure to high levels of UV and are suited to long term, outdoor use

Our UV and heat stabilised cable ties are available in lengths from 100mm to 1020mm and in widths from 1.8mm to 8.8mm. Our full range can be viewed here.

What are UV stabilised cable ties used for?

There are many domestic situations that benefit from the use of UV stabilised cable ties, including satellite dish installation and garden storage applications. On a commercial basis, many large industrial chemical plants have outdoor locations and a lot of plant machinery operates outdoors


UV-stabilized cable ties can offer a variety of benefits that make them just as suitable for outdoor use as they are indoors. Not only do they provide a secure hold and lasting durability, but you also don’t have to worry about their performance fading overtime. However, it is important to do your research and ensure the right product is chosen for the job – compatibility is key!

Look no further than Ny-Lock extensive range of UV Stabilized Cable Ties Manufacturer; available in everything from small to large sizes and various shapes like round or spiral. No matter your needs, Ny-Lock has the perfect solution for secure tying outdoors with confidence. With quality assurance guaranteed, what are you waiting for? Trying out some UV stabilized cable ties manufactured by Ny-Lock today!

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