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Ny Lock – A Leading Zip Ties Manufacturer In India

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Ny Lock - A Leading Zip Ties Manufacturer in India

If you have ever shopped for long hours at the mall, chances are you will end up home with at least one product that is packed with nylon zip ties. Sometimes the malls also use it to secure your bag full of products. The point is that the design of these ties makes them multi-purpose items.

But what are they used in? We have gathered some information about various industries where they are used and how they are used. So go ahead, and maybe you will find something you never knew.

Industries That Use Zip Ties For Different Applications

  1. Telecommunications

You will find cable ties applications in many aspects of telecommunications -especially where the soft insulation wires are being installed. You will also find technicians using them during the maintenance of phones or internet systems in places where miles and miles of cables are there to manage.

  1. Healthcare

Medical wastes are hazardous, and even their disposal methods are of prime importance. Strict healthcare regulations demand the use of printed nylon cable ties which can be used to identify different waste bags and trace the waste products or disposal bags to back their source in case. Nylon ties can also be printed with a sequential number for better identification.

  1. Automobiles and cars

If you’re working on cars, then the use of cable ties is an absolute necessity. These small yet versatile pieces, which mechanics can use for bundling and securing wiring harnesses or hoses, also make it easy to keep your workspace tidy by tying off excess cordage at once!

Ny Lock Offers Quality Zip Ties

Ny Lock is one of the leading manufacturers of cable ties that presents the most versatile range of zip ties, along with being of high quality. You will find 1005 virgin raw materials, which are internationally known for their quality.

Ny Lock’s products go through a proven manufacturing method and at least 4 levels of inspection, leaving no room for dissatisfaction regarding their functionality and quality.

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