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Nylon Cable Tie Manufacturer in India

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Nylon Cable Tie Manufacturer in India

Nylon cable ties are a significant part of various industrial and commercial sectors because they can be the best substitute for ropes. Nylon cable ties are durable and have the ease-of-operations, making them the perfect product for heavy industry use.

It also has a self-locking system in place, good insulation, and anti-corrosion property, and it also takes only a few seconds to tie a nylon cable tie.

Types of nylon cable ties that are widely used

NY-Lock is a leading Nylon Cable Tie manufacturer in India that has been designing and manufacturing nylon cable ties for more than five years now. They leverage state-of-the-art technology, designing and manufacturing tools to provide some of the top high-quality cable ties across the country and internationally.

Here are all the types of nylon cable ties that Ny-Lock manufactures:

Non-releasable cable ties

Non-releasable cable ties are essential for every toolbox. They are easy to use and are undoubtedly one of the most frequently used fasteners in the world. These ties can be tightened with hands or by using a tensioning tool for better results.

UV-stabilised cable ties

You are likely going to use nylon cable ties somewhere that are exposed to harsh weather conditions all year round, in which case you should choose UV-stabilised cable ties. UV-stabilised cable ties can resist UV radiation for longer than compared to typical cable ties.

Coloured cable ties

You might have seen differently coloured cable ties used across various commercial and industrial projects and wondered why. It is because coloured cable ties make it easier for people to differentiate between different cable types and organise them as such. It is easy and quick to identify the same types of cables grouped together, and it also makes the workspace look organised.

Stainless steel cable ties

Stainless steel cable ties are ideal for you if you are seeking highly resistant to outside influences like harsh weather and such. These types of cables are primarily used in heavy-duty applications because of their high tensile strength.

Printed cable ties

Customisable cable ties are becoming a necessary part of various working environments. Since printed cable ties are customisable, you can easily name it the way you want and make installation and maintenance easier.


Nylon cable ties are used across various industries and products, which is why it is essential to choose these ties from a trusted manufacturer like NY-Lock. From fixing internal lines to oil pipelines, from fixing mechanical equipment to bicycle packaging, nylon cable ties are widely used in places that require strength and durability.

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